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1) How Can I Place An Order?

We offer a variety of ways to purchase from us. You can place an online order from us directly via our website which is picked out by our order team. Alternatively, you can choose the items you'd like yourself via a hand pick appointment either virtually or at our warehouse. If you are looking to order a mixture of categories that you can't find online, head over to our Order Form and request the quantities that you're interested in. Items will be selected by our trained picking team based upon current trending brands and styles. 


2) What Is the Difference between Grade A and Grade B Stock?

Grade A - Items will be in good vintage condition. Some items may still show signs of minor wear and include washable marks or stains but items can be easily restored back to their original condition. 

Grade B - Items will show signs of heavier wear and may include any of the following defects: un washable marks, stains, small rips, holes or broken/faulty zips on jackets.

Please bear in mind that none of our items are washed, steamed or ironed prior to purchasing and due to the nature of vintage clothing, please expect items to have general wear & tear. We advise customers to wash all items prior to re sale.

3) Do you have a minimum spend?

There is no minimum spend when ordering from our website, custom order forms have a 50 piece minimum requirement. Hand picked orders have a £350 minimum spend.

4) How long will it take to receive my order?

We have a quick turnaround on all orders and aim to get your order prepared and dispatched within 3 days (UK). You will receive a tracking number as soon as your order is dispatched.

5) Do you ever have any offers or sales on?

All of our stock is priced according to the quality and reflection of style/grade/brand. We constantly update our prices throughout the month to reflect the current standard of stock at that given time. We often run sales via our website, sign up to our mailing list to get exclusive access to discounts!

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