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Carhartt Trousers - 20PCS

Carhartt Trousers - 20PCS

Carhartt Trousers - 20PCS


  • Includes a variety of styles including jeans, cargo, chino, carpenter etc.
  • Mixed Sizes - Sizes range from W32" to W38", some may be larger
  • Grade A/B - Most items will be in good condition, some may have minor signs of wear such as small marks, stains, small holes etc.
  • The images shown are examples only.
  • Please Note

     Customers overseas: Please note, for shipping purposes, we may need to empty bales or sacks into boxes. The stock will remain untouched for your reassurance. We can't guarantee the exact items you will receive, but the images shown are a fair representation of the items that are usually within the bales

  • Grading & Quality

     When ordering ungraded stock from us, please note that we try our best to carefully outline the grade expected within the bales or sacks. In some cases, you may also receive youth sizes, larger sizes and the odd lower graded item in each mix due to human error.

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